Ana Márcia Varela

Ana Márcia Varela

Ana Márcia Varela created her first artistic installations at the age of seven when she built huge ‘little houses’ in inaccessible places such as on roofs or in trees. Since then she has created many installations both in public and private spaces.

Ana is an artist, an actress and a dancer. Her intimate and imaginative pieces, space-body-object-action in perfect symbiosis, make up a harmonious whole.

The different ways in which she expresses herself range from theatrical dance and perforamce pieces to collages and embroidery. Each medium is tailored to the theme of each work of art.

Ana has had a number of solo and shared exhibitions including at Galerías Elba Benítez, Proyect B in Milan, and Travesía Cuatro. She has also taken part in a number of editions of PhotoEspaña and ARCO.

Ana Márcia was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1970. She lives and works in Madrid.

(Photo: Juanjo Albala)

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