Catalina Obrador

Catalina Obrador

Catalina Obrador Roselló was born in Santanyí in Mallorca in 1977. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Cuenca.

Catalina was chosen by Francesca Gavin in her book “100 New Artists” (Ed. Laurence King. 2011) as one of the examples of young artists who strongly influence current contemporary art.

During her four years at the University of Cuenca (1995-1999) Catalina Obrador decided to broaden her vision through travel and so began a series of journeys to South America and the Middle East. She has lived and worked in Madrid, Cuenca, Caracas and Berlin. Catalina’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Germany, Chile and Venezuela. The Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery has represented her at a number of art fairs including Art Cologne (Cologne 2005), JustMad2 (Madrid 2011), and at the “Expanding Drawing” program at the Espacio Atlántico exhibition space (Vigo 2011).

Catalina currently divides her time between Mallorca and Berlin.

Exhibitions / Art Fairs

PEN AND INK - Catalina Obrador (2012)

08.03.2012 - 06.03.2012