Jaime Aledo

Jaime Aledo

Jaime Aledo was born in Cartagena, Murcia, in 1949, but has lived in Madrid since 1954.

He studied at the Complutense University in Madrid where he graduated in Philosophy and Language. He then went on to do a Doctorate in Fine Arts. His thesis was on Luis Gordillo and the “figuración madrilène” in the seventies.

In his early years he created works that were closely related to the painters he studied as part of his thesis. However, interestingly, his method was closely related to conceptual art, using text, photographs as well as images based on drawings for his creations.

From the late seventies onwards Jaime favored the practice of painting where many different styles are intentionally brought together through formal structures, each carefully screened, and able to generate powerful meaning. He is very concise in his work, and focuses only on a few pieces each of which highlights the more cerebral aspects of his art.

He kept up this style of painting, of always focusing on the exploration of very different figurative procedures, until this last decade. He then gradually shifted his interest towards colour making it the leading element in his pictures.

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