Yolanda Domínguez

Yolanda Domínguez

Yolanda Domínguez was born in Madrid in 1977.

A visual artist and performer, Yolanda studied Fine Art at the Complutense University in Madrid. She completed her education by doing two Master Degrees, one in Art and New Media Technologies at the European University in Madrid, and the second in Photography at Madrid’s EFTI Photography School. She has led workshops with Chema Madoz, Daniel Canogar and Eugenion Ampudia.

Yolanda Domínguez works have been displayed in a number of institutions and festivals which include: Photoespaña, Alliance Francaise in Madrid, the Mullier Mullieris exhibition at the Museum of the University of Alicante, the contemporary art fair JustMad, VIII Encuentros Internacionales de Arte y Género, and the contemporary culture festival NOVA in Brasil.

Yolanda Domínguez complements her work as an artist by teaching, and currently leads the workshop “Art as a tool for social transformation”, which is part of the International Master at the EFTI.

In 2012 Yolanda Domínguez was chosen by the Spanish Ministry of Culture to work on its project to promote Spanish art abroad.

Most of all Yolanda is a quick and perceptive individual, and one who is not easily forgotten.

Exhibitions / Art Fairs

PRELUDES - Yolanda Domínguez (2012)

05.06.2012 - 27.07.2012