Submitted by editor on Thu, 06/22/2023 - 12:47


Angela Burson

Our proposal for this 31st edition of the ARTESANTANDER fair consists of a group of small-format works by Angela Burson (Missouri, 1969).

Influenced by the aesthetics, fashion and personal objects of an anachronistic era, Burson paints figures, their belongings and inhabited spaces, resulting in complex psychological and social relationships.

Often these figures are cropped or shown without heads, so that the viewer sees the clothed bodies not as portraits per se, but as a collection of different objects and motifs that describe the figure. Burson sometimes takes the different elements that make up his works from existing family photographs, although they can also be invented: an empty suit, a bandaged arm, a headless torso, a suitcase or a room concealing various objects... all of them are intended to provide a meaning that the viewer himself ends up configuring with the different narratives that exist in the possible relationships between the objects.