Submitted by editor on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 17:45

SWAB Barcelona 2022

Rosalía Banet

Our proposal for SWAB 2022 brings together a series of works by multidisciplinary artist Rosalía Banet, the latest addition to the gallery's team of artists. After her individual exhibition #Irregular in our gallery, we also want to show her Siamese twins, one of her most emblematic series, in the city of Barcelona.

They will receive us at the booth with entrails on the table, as a way of purging themselves, of facing their fears and accepting them, to the point where they are consumed. Apparently it is a cannibal kitchen, but it is a regime of symbols, in which the fragmentation of the body makes reference to trauma.

These Siamese twins will be accompanied by a series of drawings of different formats and dates, being a fundamental part of Rosalía Banet's artistic practice, since her practice always starts from drawing, to develop projects that take different forms and formats, from paintings or sculptures to installations and audiovisual pieces.