Submitted by editor on Wed, 10/04/2023 - 10:36

SWAB Barcelona 2023

sofia pashaei

Our proposal for SWAB 2023 brings together a series of works by multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Sofia Pashaei (Sweden, 1989). After her first appearance with us in the group exhibition #Intimacy at our gallery, we wanted to show her recent works in the city of Barcelona.

Sofia Pashaei paints imagined scenes depicting one's relationship with themselves and with another. They are narrative paintings; they show the passage of time and weave a story, not in the movement of the figures but instead in the changes in architecture, in time of day, and in the objects that decorate the scene.

Pashaei’s paintings take time. They make time, too. They slowly reveal themselves. The smoothness with which she paints the transitions from a table to a bathtub, from day to night, are so seamless that you may not notice it until after having looked at the work for some time.