Almudena Lobera

Almudena Lobera

Almudena Lobera was born in Madrid in 1984. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in Arts and Research from the Complutense University in Madrid. She spent two years studying at the Universität der Künste in Berlin on an Erasmus scholarship and has done residencies at the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, London (2010) and at the FAAP in São Paulo (2011).

The awards and prizes Almudena has won include: The "Generación' prize in 2012 from Caja Madrid; "Circuitos" in 2011 from the Community of Madrid; The INJUVE Creación Joven-Proyectos Prize 2011; Second place in the ABC Art Awards in 2011; The short-list for the Celeste Prize in 2012; a scholarship from the Community of Madrid in 2012; and the Del Plano Al Cubo Prize (part of the OCEMX/INJUVE) to exhibit in the Spanish Cultural Centre in Mexico in 2013.

Almudena's work can be seen in a number of different galleries in Spain and abroad. In 2011 she exhibited at "Reflection" at the Slade School and "Manual" at the Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery in Madrid. En 2012 she had a solo exhibition (called "Lugar entre") in the Eva Ruiz Gallery in Madrid. She had another solo exhibition in the Diablo Rosso Gallery in Panama titled "Portadores" (a project which she worked on together with Isabel Martínez Abascal). Almudena has also taken part in Iceberg, at Matadero in Madrid; in Tijuana’12 at the Vermelho Gallery in São Paulo; in The Solo Project in Basel; in Peregrinatio’12 in Sagunto in Valencia; in Arrivi e Partenze-Mediterráneo, in Ancona, as well as other joint exhibitions in the gallery 3+1 in Lisbon, the Suvi Lethinen Gallery in Berlin and the AJG Gallery in Seville.

Almudena is part of the "Archivo de Creadores Matadero" in Madrid. She has worked together with the Reina Sofía Museum where she taught during the summer of 2011 in a workshop for children entitled "Recreating Space with Almudena Lobera".

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