Beatriz Olano

The Colombian painter Beatriz Olano (Medellín, 1965) was trained in the United States where she obtained a Master's degree in Fine Arts at The Milton Avery School of Arts. Since then she has participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Bogotá, Medellín, San José de Costa Rica, Havana, Canada and Lima.
Her work is characterised by the use of geometry, colour and lines, as well as by the important relationship with objects, space and the almost architectural feel that many of her works exude.

In the words of the artist herself: “I have always been interested in playing with space in order to change the way it is perceived. These interventions usually have a pictorial character that goes back to my training as a painter, whilst using other mediums such as drawing, sculpture and installation. My job is to find, deconstruct and reconfigure everyday objects, materials and spaces to give them a new meaning that transforms their reality and breaks the boundaries between them.

Space is my starting point. It gives me the first step to identify and establish how to approach what I want to alter. The creation of my work takes different paths and is made with different materials but is always linked to the geometric language of abstract art. The presence of colour reflects the instinctive character inherent within it. I use shades of colour as I feel them - I like their strength and the way they use the space by means of similarities and contrasts.
My work, in which the intervention within the spaces is so important, follows the same rhythm of conversation with the object and its context that is also present in painting. My approach to objects, materials and space is nothing more than a strategy to bring the painting to the foreground, always in an attempt to extend it to the point where it can contain and be contained by other elements."

«Colour is strength, instinct. I use colours as I feel them.»
Beatriz Olano

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