Joan Hernández Pijuán

Joan Hernández Pijuán (Barcelona, 1931- 2005).

Joan Hernández Pijuán’s work was very interesting as early as the seventies. He went on to become possibly one of the key painters of the nineties right up until his death.

This is how the text in our catalogue began when we exhibited Joan Hernández Pijuán’s work to inaugurate our new gallery space in Calle Orellana in 2004:

“To all the anonymous tractor drivers who every day give to us a unique, ever-changing picture.”

This is a story of dawn and dusk, of winter and summer, of lights and shades, of cold and warmth: the smell of dried hay and of the earth, perhaps still slightly damp…but never of the sea.

“Would you like to see the sky?” Joan once asked me one evening after having supper in Folquer under the vines that he had once planted. We were surrounded by neat bunches of grapes and by the wasps that like them so much. We went off in the total darkness to see the Milky Way.”


H.P. is a combination of a bricklayer, plastering the canvas with his tools, and a tractor driver, who sets to work when the ground is still damp. What does the ploughing of his canvases sound like? What do we hear when those furrows are freshly made in that fertile land that is his studio? What do they smell like? What do the surfaces of his pictures look like when the have just been recently worked on with his roller?

And let us not forget that if we want to really understand this very special artist, it is when he stops using his pencils and begins using the tools of a bricklayer or a labourer, that is when he really starts to be Hernández Pijuan!

(Rafael Pérez Hernando, 2003)

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