Lamia Naji

Lamia Naji

The photographer Lamia Naji (Casablanca, Morocco 1966) has exhibited her work all over the world. From the very beginning of her artistic career she has shown a great interest in developing a universal element in her work. She has certainly succeeded in doing this by exhibiting her pieces in many countries around the world including the USA, France, Holland, Spain, Mali, Morocco, and Italy.

Her time in Spain gave birth to one of her most renowned photography projects. The series was made up of photographs and videos of the nightlife and of the Madrid social scene entitled "I Love Cats". It was shown in an old edition of the PHotoEspaña Festival 2000, at the Noche del Patio at the Conde Duque in Madrid.

Exhibitions / Art Fairs


03.06.2005 - 22.07.2005