Laura Ramis

Laura was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1988 and graduated in Fine Art from the University of Salamanca, Spain.

“The elements that maintain the relationship between our domestic and existential environments tend to really conjure up my desires and interest. Small manufactured products inspire me when creating my work - domestic products, objects and materials used in everyday life. I work on concepts of identity and visual culture, generating relationships with my interests regarding artistic forms and processes.

Artistic creation allows me to use certain childhood ideas and to re-enact certain childlike behaviour from an emotional and visual perspective. I use the everyday objects that I collect, such as toys or bits and pieces that catch my eye, which inspire a playful production and construction process. The game, which is focused on the accumulation and structuring of the elements, is a way of classifying and organizing my personal space. The process is a systematic one; select the objects, classify them, and create something based on colour and shape.”

Laura Ramis

Exhibitions / Art Fairs


02.11.2017 - 05.11.2017


06.04.2017 - 03.06.2017

Estampa Madrid 2016

22.09.2016 - 25.09.2016


20.11.2014 - 17.01.2015