María Gimeno

Zamora, 1970

Born in Zamora and settled in Madrid, María Gimeno is a multidisciplinary artist, covering different techniques and formats, such as installation, drawing, sculpture and performance, the latter being her best known artistic practice.

She trained in Spain and Italy, obtaining a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1996. He later completed his training with studies in photography and video.

Gimeno's work deals with notions of cyclical time and the vital role of the artist, with a special interest in female artists. Her most outstanding work, which given its relevance she has repeated on numerous occasions, is "Queridas Viejas", a lecture/performance that arose from the need to rectify the errors in Ernst H. Gombrich's book Historia del Arte, in which no female artist is to be found. One of the first performances of "Queridas Viejas" took place in our gallery on the occasion of the Miradas de Mujeres Biennial in 2016.

She has had solo exhibitions in national galleries and also in Geneva, Belgrade, Berlin, Yemen and has participated in: ARCO, Düsseldorf Contemporary -represented by Parra & Romero gallery-, Generaciones 02 and 04, Circuitos de Artes Plásticas XIII. She was awarded the Marcelino Botín Foundation Grant for the Jannis Kounellis Workshop (2009) and was selected for the XXXIV Bancaja Prize (2007). Honourable mention in "Generations 04" of Caja Madrid (2004). First Prize for Sculpture in the Young Creators Competition of the Museo de la Ciudad (1999). First Prize for Painting El Foro, Pozuelo de Alarcón (1996).

Exhibitions and fairs