Marta Barrenechea

Marta Barrenechea

Madrid, 1964

Marta Barrenechea lives and works in the Sierra Norte, near Madrid. She is an artist with her own distinctive style, almost indefinable. We discovered her oil paintings on large-format paper at the Ángel Romero gallery in Madrid in 2010. Her work had something profound, simple and constant at the same time, marked with a personal stamp that permeates her work.

In fact, with regard to artistic influences, Marta Barrenechea usually says that: “From the moment we are born, we continuously see, hear, feel and think things. They all influence us. It really isn't just art that inspires us. It’s everything."

Her first solo show in our gallery under the title El gusto de los otros (“The taste of others”) took place in 2014, and since then we have presented her work in different exhibitions and art shows both on its own and as part of group projects. Over time, her painting has become much more concrete and defined. Although there are certain elements in her work that show a continuity throughout her artistic production, Marta Barrenechea does not intend to create a repetitive or paralyzing system. The start and end points of all her works are different and they change over time. For example, in her latest works, the composition is articulated around fragments of embroidery that she herself makes on the canvas itself, later developing the rest of the painting with oil paint or other materials. This mix of such different techniques that exists in her work seems to us to be a very interesting challenge.

Exhibitions and fairs

"We all have things in our heads that influence what we do, but I would say that my work is not about themes. I think it has to do with the attempt to domesticate art, to turn it into something much more dominable, into themes that we do control".


Marta Barrenechea

 marta barrenechea